What Is Your Life's Blueprint?

Life is not simple. Therapy is not simple.

With our experienced therapists and psychiatrists, you develop your personal blueprint.

Our guidance. Your values. Your vision. Your plan.

What to expect.

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When Goals Seem Far Away

In therapy or any new venture.

The first step is the most difficult.

NASA did the impossible: land on the moon.

No matter how far away your goals seem to be...

Let’s take that first step together.

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At Rappore: Bridges Are Important

The connection to your new therapist.

The bonds in your relationships.

The journey over rough waters.

Let’s bridge the gap.

Between where you are and where you want to be.

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Once You Learn You Never Forget

Beginning therapy is like learning to ride a bike. Fall off; get back on.

With Rappore, you'll learn to find your balance, move forward, and avoid obstacles. No training wheels.

You might even let go of those handlebars once in a while.

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The Confidence To Find Your Voice

The saxophone is the instrument most like the human voice.

It inspires bursts of expressive genius that are in all of us.

Harness your creative energy so you can be heard.

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Free Yourself From What Holds You Back

We understand the tyranny of painful thoughts, emotions and self-defeating habits.

You want the liberty to break free and start over.

Rappore can provide the skills you need.

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Getting On Track

As Mr. Rogers said, the trolley is a connection to your neighborhood.

We will help you get up and out. See what life has to offer.

And for the sake of our planet, its electric and eco-friendly.

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Life, Powered By You

Achieve self-sufficiency.

No more headwinds; with Rappore, it’s like having the wind at your back.

That’s when you know we are succeeding together.