Building Rappore with Frontline Healthcare Workers.

By leveraging our most important tool – human connection – Rappore brings people together so they can grow stronger and wiser. That is the essence behind our name and our Foundation.

Nowhere is relationship building more needed than during our current COVID-19 crisis. Frontline healthcare workers are at profound risk, particularly those working in nursing home facilities.

A recent New York Times article reported “large and shockingly lethal outbreaks” ravaging nursing homes residents and healthcare workers across the nation. These workers are primarily women of color who are underpaid, undervalued, and without a voice.

The Rappore Foundation team has extensive clinical and research experience in crisis intervention, having served first responders after 9/11 and establishing a program that provides free care for military & veteran suicide prevention.

In New York City, Seattle and Toronto we are focusing on nursing home health care workers, doing a careful needs assessment including what interventions would be most helpful to them.