What To Expect

Meet your care coordinator. Schedule a free Zoom appointment with one of our Care Coordinators. You should expect a warm welcome and questions about your concerns and therapy goals.
Meet your therapist or psychiatrist. Your Care Coordinator will select your best matched therapist or psychiatrist. Expect that she or he will promptly contact you to arrange a brief free call to meet you and schedule a session.
First session. During your first session you will discuss your goals and begin to develop a treatment plan, what we call your personal blueprint. Your best outcome results from our understanding your needs and your active involvement in treatment planning.
Testing. If additional information is needed you and your clinician have available an extensive array of tests, to assess important biological and psychological factors that are relevant to your treatment and outcome.
Therapy. Expect therapy to be adapted to your needs and designed to attain your goals as soon as possible.
Medication. If medication is prescribed expect frequent requests for information with regard to progress and possible side effects. Our goal is discontinue medication as soon as possible.